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Where are your classes located?

Our classes are located in a basement studio at a convenient location in the heart of residential Kemp Mill. 

What should my daughter wear to class?

Your daughter should wear what she is comfortable moving in.  If your daughter wishes to wear a skirt, we ask that she wear leggings underneath so she is comfortable stretching.  Please no straight line skirts. 


Does my daughter need shoes?

Yes, she will need ballet shoes or jazz shoes for corresponding classes.  If she doesn't have yet, socks will work for the interim until you have purchased..  For Acro, girls should be barefoot.  She should have her hair pulled back either in a ponytail or in a bun for ballet classes.  No jewelry please.

What should my daughter bring to class?

A water bottle!  We have no water fountain in the studio.  Girls are responsible for bringing their own water bottles to class.

Can my daughter do a trial class or do I have to sign her up for the whole session?

Due to our high volume of classes and students, we cannot offer trial classes at this time.  If your child is truly miserable in the class and there are other students wishing to participate who got shut out of the class, we can discuss her dropping the class on a case-by-case basis.

Will the June performance and Parent Observation Class be open to everyone?

No, these programs are open to women and girls only, even for younger students.  This ensures our classes are a safe space for all community members regardless of their religious observance levels.  For families who feel strongly about this, La Zooz may not be the right address for you at this time.

Why does my daughter need the Jazz Boot Camp to join a jazz class with her peers?

If your daughter is in 5th Grade or more and does not have experience in jazz, she must take boot camp in order to learn some basic terminology and movement patterns before taking class with everyone else.  Having girls of different experience levels all in one class creates a huge challenge for the teacher and often leads to a lot of behavior challenges/talking as the teacher tries to balance catching up the new students with keeping the alumni student engaged. 


But we do want your daughter to be able to join and do not want anyone to feel excluded because they hadn't joined in the past.  In order to accommodate your daughters and yet still have a successful class in the fall, we are requiring new students who want to join to enroll in a Jazz Boot Camp,  a 10-class mini-session to get a handle on terminology and basic fundamentals in order to be successful in jazz class with their peers.  Please note this will be a small boost to help them in the class in general but they will likely still feel behind and have some catching up to do.  Please make sure they are highly motivated and truly want to learn dance (not just for the social outlet) before enrolling in class and the Boot Camp.  

Why can't my daughter join some of the dance classes for just the Winter Session?

Previous experience has shown us that, for classes with students over 1st grade, adding in students after the culmination of the Fall Session is detrimental to all parties involved: the returning students, the new student and the teacher.  Imagine the class of 10-12 girls where they have all been there working on material for 10 weeks together, and then your child joins the class, totally new.  How do you think she feels when she's trying to get caught up?  She's going to feel self conscious, and maybe even get frustrated with herself.  Or worse, feel like she's not a good dancer and not want to continue, even though she was put in a situation that is totally not ideal for her.  And imagine how the rest of the class feels when the teacher is spending time breaking down the material that they've been working on in trying to get her caught up.  Are they waiting patiently while the teacher spends time with this child? Or are they getting frustrated and start talking/acting out in the class?  Experience has shown us time and time again that this is not a good fit for anyone and leads to frustration and resentment.  If you feel like your child is a unique case, please reach out, as we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  

Why are the Acro classes more expensive?

They are smaller classes so more attention can be given to individual girls when spotting.

The class I want for my daughter is full.  What should I do?

Please put her on the waitlist.  Sometimes things come up and spots open up, or if we see there is a need, we may try to open another section of the same class.  Please put her on the waitlist so that we know that she wants to be in that class.  You may still sign up for a different class and if a spot opens up in the class that is her first choice, she can drop out of the other one to get the spot in the first one.  

Can my daughter wait either before or after her class at La Zooz?

No, unfortunately we do not have a waiting room or a properly supervised space to accommodate your daughter while she waits.  Children should not be brought more than 5 minutes before the start of class and should be picked up within 5-10 minutes of the class's ending time.  If you are running more than 10 minutes late, please contact another parent in the class and have her go home with that family and pick up from their home.  We cannot be responsible for girls being at the studio later than that.  

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