Where are your classes located?

Our classes are located in a basement studio at a convenient location in the heart of residential Kemp Mill. 

What should my daughter wear to class?

Your daughter should wear what she is comfortable moving in.  If your daughter wishes to wear a skirt, we ask that she wear leggings underneath so she is comfortable stretching.  Please no straight line skirts.  Ballet shoes or jazz shoes for corresponding classes.  If she doesn't have yet, socks will work.  For gymnastics and TKD classes, girls should be barefoot.  She should have her hair pulled back either in a ponytail or in a bun for ballet classes.

What should my daughter bring to class?

A water bottle!  We have no water fountain in the studio.  Girls are responsible for bringing their own water bottles to class.

Will the June performance be open to everyone?

No, the June performance is open to women and girls only. 

Can my daughter participate only in the Winter Session?

For Choir and Gymnastics, if there is space, she is welcome to join just for the winter session and perform.  For dance and TKD classes, it is It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that girls who wish to participate in the June performance register for the fall session of the dance class.  This policy is to ensure that girls are able to keep up with their class level and do not feel left behind after their peers make 11 weeks of progress.  If a girl wants to join these classes after the Fall Session, admittance to the class is not guaranteed.  The decision will be made on a case-by-case basis, based on how much progress the class has made, the child's motivation and past experience, etc

I am interested in the Choir Special Project but am worried about the publicity of the video.  How will the video be shared?

We will plan to distribute this video on a private, members-only page on the La Zooz Dance website. Only people who are members are currently enrolled students at La Zooz.  The video will also be shown at the June performance for women only.

Can my daughter wait either before or after her class at La Zooz?

No, unfortunately we do not have a waiting room or a properly supervised space to accommodate your daughter while she waits.  Children should not be brought more than 5 minutes before the start of class and should be picked up within 5-10 minutes of the class's ending time.

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