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Class Descriptions

Sunday Combo Classes: 

Tumble and Twirl (Pre-K and Kindergarten) with Ms. Emily Lucas: Join us for a playful and exciting beginner’s dance and gymnastics class.  There will be both basic ballet skills and safe intro to gymnastics stretches and exercises.  Part dance, part tumbling, and loads of fun.

Jazz Classes

All jazz classes are fun and upbeat dance classes danced to Jewish music or non-Jewish music without lyrics.  Students will gain skills in basic jazz technique and terminology, as well as working on leaps and turns, progressively put together in more complicated and intricate sequences. 

Jazz I (1st and 2nd grade):  This class is intended for the beginner student who has never taken dance before, or who has only taken a year of a beginner class.

Jazz II (3rd-4th), Jazz III (5th-6th), and Middle School Jazz : These classes are intended for students who have taken at least one year of ballet or jazz class before and have a basic understanding of positions (turned out and parallel) and know and understand basic terminology including plie, tendu, degage, battement, pas de bourree, pirouette, grand jete. 

Ballet Classes


Ballet I (1st and 2nd) with Ms. Emily Lucas: Ballet I introduces a traditional ballet class structure. Students learn fundamental ballet technique through barre work, center exercises, and across the floor combinations designed to improve coordination, flexibility, endurance, and musicality.  

Ballet II/III (Ms. Emily Lucas): This class is geared for students who have completed Ballet I or have the equivalent experience in Ballet technique. Students who took Ballet I or Ballet II last year are eligibile to join Ballet II/III this year. Most students in this class are 7-9 years old.

Ballet IV (Ms. Emily Lucas): Ballet IV is for students  ages 10+ who have never done ballet  or have completed 1-2 years of ballet study and/or were placed in Ballet III last year. 

Ballet IV/V (Ms. Emily Lucas): Ballet IV/V is for students who have completed 2-3 years of Ballet study or who were placed in ballet last year.

Ballet V (Ms. Emily Lucas): Ballet V is for students who were placed in Ballet IV last year.

Pre-pointe/Pointe (Ms. Emily Lucas):  This class is for students who have demonstrated competency in ballet technique and dedication in working towards strengthening their feet to be able to go on pointe. Must have permission to enroll and must be co-concurrently enrolled in a technique ballet class.  

Junior (2nd-4th) Choir and Senior (5th-6th) Choir

Headed by the talented and experienced Mrs. Tova Davidson (Cohn), the students in these classes will work together to produce 2 songs to be performed at our annual June performance

Adult Ballet/Contemporary Dance

Taught by Ms. Gabriella Giegerich, this class,  will explore ballet technique and contemporary, the expressive and impactful dance genre that's built off of other classical styles of dance including ballet, jazz and modern.  Class will focus on flexibility, strength and artistry.   Although previous experience is helpful, a motivated student could take this class without any previous experience.  

Acro Dance

Acro Dance is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements.

Acro I at 4:45 (Ms. Johanna Robinson): For girls in grades 1st-2nd

 Acro II at 5:30 (Ms. Johanna Robinson): For girls in grades 3rd-7th 

Int Acro at 6:30 (Ms. Johanna Robinson): For girls in Grades 3rd-7th who have strong bridges, cartwheels and roundoffs, or who were in Adv Beg Gymnastics last year.

*Acro Dance classes are priced differently than the other classes.


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