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Terms and Conditions 

1) Upon registration, I understand that I am now financially responsible for that spot in the class regardless of whether or not I/my child attends the class.  

2)I agree to not drop off my child more than 5 minutes before the scheduled start of class.   


3) I agree to pick up my child promptly at the end of class.

3) I will not park in the driveway of 816 Lamberton for pick up or drop off. Rather, I will pull over to the side of the street not blocking any driveways on the side. 

4) I understand that if my child does not have good attendance or misses class(es) very close to a performance, it is up to La Zooz's discretion whether or not she will still be able to perform in the show. 

5) If my child's behavioral issues continue to be a problem after several notices and preclude her from being a part of the class, the instructor may ask that student to leave the class and a refund will be up to the discretion of La Zooz Dance.

​6) Cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather, are per the discretion of La Zooz. In the event of a cancellation, a make-up class will be scheduled - if possible. Whether there's no make-up or you can't attend the make-up, this does not qualify for a refund. 

7) Any items left in the dance classroom or the area surrounding the classroom will be held on to for 30 days before they are considered hefker.  

8) Registration for a class holds your spot in the class; however if the class does not meet its enrollment minimums, La Zooz Dance reserves the right to cancel the class.  All payments would be returned.  

9) I understand that La Zooz Dance does not give credit and/or refunds for class(es) missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, etc.

10) I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child’s participation with La Zooz Dance, and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation.  By participating in classes, I assume all personal injury/sickness that may occur from dancing in a group, private or any other class forms.  I will not hold La Zooz Dance responsible for any occurrence of sickness or injury. 

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