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La Zooz Dance

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The La Zooz Dance Story

At La Zooz Dance, we aim to create a positive, healthy outlet for movement in the Silver Spring community.  Through a diverse offering of dance, fitness, self-defense and more, our classes are engaging, effective, and designed for both those who wish to learn a new skill or are looking for the perfect form of exercise. Come with us to explore a new world of motion and emotion and get to know yourself in a whole new way.

Ballet Dancers
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We are thrilled to be, once again, inviting the community to the La Zooz end-of-year performance at Northwood High School on Sunday June 11th, 2023 at 10:30am.  From our "Baby Steps" last year, the program truly has taken off with over 150 students taking ballet, jazz, tae kwon do, choir and gymnastics over the course of the year.  We are so proud of each and every one of them for truly "Stepping It Up"

This year's performance will feature dance, choir and gymnastics of girls ages 4-adults.  Each student has been working at their artistic craft for a year and has grown tremendously, both in their skills and in their middos.  We celebrate their accomplishments.

This program will run approximately 2 hours long with an intermission

Please do not bring toddlers to this performance, and no boys, regardless of age.

Every child (except babies) requires a ticket. There are no lap children at this performance.  

 If you bring a baby to the performance, you are responsible for keeping them quiet so that everyone can enjoy the performance.  If the baby is disruptive, please take them into the lobby.  

You do not need to purchase a ticket for your child who is a participant in the show.

We STRONGLY encourage advanced ticket purchase, as seating is reserved.  Advanced ticket prices are $25, $20, $15 depending on the location of the seat.  There are no discounted child tickets this year.  Online ticket sales will end on Thursday June 8th at 10:30am, no exceptions.

At the door tickets are $30, regardless of seat location.  Check or cash only at the door.


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816 Lamberton Drive


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