Why Dance?



Dance gives girls so much more than just a fun after-school activity.  



- Dance promotes SELF AWARENESS in the minds and bodies of dancers

- Dance promotes HEALTHY BODY IMAGE 

- Dance develops DISCIPLINE 

- Dance inspires SELF EXPRESSION

- Dance builds COMMUNITY in the classroom

- Dance encourages CREATIVITY  

   and SO MUCH  MORE!




Dance provides developmental opportunities and benefits that are truly endless.  Dance is always being used as a mode for self-expression in people of all ages---whether it is creative outlets for children and toddlers to movement therapies for the elderly in retirement homes.  The benefits for your child can truly change their life.  


Even if you are not looking for a life-changing experience for your child, every chid should have their "thing".  It is so important for a child to feel that they have something that sets them apart, that they find brings them joy and allows them to be themselves.  For some it may be writing, others gymnastics, still others might fight pleasure in sports or singing.  If your child has not found their "thing" yet, dance might be something new to try.