Weekly Class Schedule: Winter/Spring 2020


9:15am-10am: Preschool-Kindergarten Creative Dance Class (KM)

10am-11:15am: High School Ballet/Ballet IV (KM): Julia Williams

11:30-12:15pm: Ballet Conditioning Class (KM): Julia Williams


3:40-4:40pm: 2nd Grade Ballet/Jazz Combo Class (YGW 1): Meira Yaffa Arzouan

3:40-4:40pm: 3rd-4th Gr Jazz/ Jazz I (YGW 2): Emma Cooley

5:30-6:30pm: Middle and High School Jazz/ Jazz III (KM): Michelle Penn


3:40-4:40pm: 5th-6th Gr Jazz/ Jazz II (YGW 2 ): Emma Cooley

3:40-4:40pm: Ballet II (YGW 1): Michelle Penn

5:30-6:30pm: 4th-6th Grade Kemp Mill Jazz (KM): Julia Williams

6:30-7:45pm: High School Ballet/Ballet IV (KM ): Iren Chasper


3:40-4:40pm: 1st Grade class (YGW 1): Emma Cooley

3:40-4:40pm: 3rd-4th Gr Ballet/Ballet I (YGW 2): Julia Williams

4:50-5:50pm: Ballet III (YGW 1): Julia Williams

Don't see the class or time you are looking for?  Reach out via email, let's see if we can make it happen!

Location Guide:

YGW: Yeshiva of Greater Washington-Girls Division

2010 Linden Lane. Silver Spring, MD 20910

*3:40pm classes: Girls get picked up directly from TSGW and brought back to the TSGW carpool lane

4:50pm classes: Girls can get picked up by the YGW carpool lane

Kemp Mill Locations

Tuesday and Wednesday's classes: Ohr Hatorah

Sunday's classes: Tyberg's Residence: 11519 Lockhart Place. Silver Spring MD 20902

IyH, by February 1st, we hope to be in our permanent Kemp Mill location at 816 Lamberton Drive.