Ballet Dancers

Fall 2021 Class Update

I am extremely grateful and humbled by the outpouring of texts, emails and calls asking about when classes will begin again.  Clearly there is a real need for movement for our girls and I am so grateful that you have looked to La Zooz to provide that outlet.

We have been delayed in our official beginning for the program due to two factors. 

1.      Water Damage: With the heavy rains, we had severe water damage to the new beautiful basement dance studio that we put in, despite having paid an additional 5-figure sum to waterproof it.  After an arduous lawsuit, we won and were finally able to hire a second contractor to fix it.  He was delayed for his own reasons.  Now we have waterproofed the exterior for the second time and are waiting to make sure our fix will hold up in heavy rains before we replace the drywall and mirrors. So our dance studio is still an unfinished space, missing some drywall and mirrors.

2.      Labor Shortage: The nationwide labor shortage has trickled down to our studio.  We have been trying to find teachers for our fall program since the summer but have yet to secure the teachers we need to run a full program.  Not only that, but we are competing against a dozen other dance schools in the area who are also completely strapped for teachers.  It is a problem I have never seen before in my twelve years of teaching dance. I am still on the lookout for the right fits for our program and daven that the right people will materialize.

For these reasons, our grand opening of my dream dance studio with a robust program with many styles and class offerings each morning, afternoon and evening will need to be revised down in the near-term.

However, just because the grandiose vision I had cannot be a reality now does not mean that we cannot start getting our feet wet with another small, unofficial program, similar to the summer classes I ran.  It just means that it won't be as pretty and professional as I had originally planned. 

The plan now is to start with a short 5 week session running October 17th through November 19th.  I ask that only people that are okay with a more “heimish” start sign up for this mini session.  My hope would be to be able to start my full program soon thereafter, after taking a (hopefully) short break to finish the drywall and mirrors in the studio. The class schedule will be available shortly on the website as well as links to register.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience during these unique and unprecedented times.


Michelle Penn