Torah School/Yeshiva of Greater Washington Location (YGW 1 and YGW 2)

Our dance studios are located in 036 (YGW 1) and 034 (YGW 2) of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington- Girls Division


Address is 2010 Linden Lane. Silver Spring, MD 20910


Students who attend the Torah School of Greater Washington will be picked up from carpool by their teacher and brought over to the dance studios.  Pick-up after dance class will be at the Torah School of Greater Washington carpool lane.

Kemp Mill Locations

Temporary Locations

Tuesday and Wednesday's classes: Ohr Hatorah

Sunday's classes: Tyberg's Residence: 11519 Lockhart Place. Silver Spring MD 20902

IyH, by February 1st, we hope to be in our permanent Kemp Mill location at 816 Lamberton Drive.