Q: What should my child wear for dance class?

A: Whatever they are comfortable in.  For girls in 3rd grade and up, I recommend a black shell with leggings, with an optional skirt on top.  Ideally, they should have full-soled, pink leather ballet shoes for all the classes.  If they are coming from school, their school uniform with leggings underneath is fine.


Q:  What should I do with my daughter's hair for class?

A:  It should be pulled back securely in a ponytail, braid or bun.  Bangs should be pulled back with a headband or clips.  If her hair is too short for a ponytail, it should be in a headband so it doesnt fall in her face when she bends over.  


Q:  I am nervous about letting my daughter walk over to the dance studio by herself.

A:  They will be escorted over to the dance studio by Mrs. Penn.


Q:  Will my daughter be in the performance? 

A:  If she is enrolled in the Winter/Spring session, unless it is otherwise specified, she will be in the end of the year performance.

Q:  My daughter wants to take a class, but she has never taken before.  Will she be behind?

A:  It depends on the class.  Most classes are geared towards beginner level, but please reach out via the email form to  figure out which class would be best for your daughter.  


Q:  My daughter has taken a lot of dance classes in the past.  Will La Zooz classes be appropriate for her?

A:  It depends.  It may be perfect for her, or it may be an option for her to try a different class with a different age group.  Please contact lazoozdance@gmail.com to discuss each individual situation.


Q:  My daughter goes to a different school and cannot make the times of the classes.  We would really like to participate.  What should we do?

A:  Email us!  Let's try to work something out!  We have made classes for students who wanted them and they have been incredibly successful.