Performer Information

Important Details for the performers in "Baby Steps"

Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday June 8th, 2022

Where: Northwood High School Auditorium

919 University Blvd West. Silver Spring MD 20901

Drop-off:  The front entrance is on the side of the building, facing Arcola Ave. You may drop your child off there.  The auditorium is right in front of you as you walk in.  

Pick-up:  Also at the front entrance. You may wait in your car, we will bring the students out to you

Please pick up at the appropriate time for your child.  We do not have the capacity to watch kids who are not supposed to be rehearsing at that time. 

What should they wear?

Costumes:  Dancers should come dressed in their costumes, ready to perform, with some clothing as a cover-up on so they feel more comfortable outside.

Hair: Please have your dancer's hair done for dress rehearsal and performance before arriving at the theater.  

It is very important that the dancer's hair is secured neatly behind their head.  Choir members can do buns or French braids that are pinned up underneath.  Preschool classes and do pigtail buns if they would like.    

Please do the best you can to make a ballet bun at home.  The most success I have found is with these steps. 

1) Start with wet or damp hair.

2) Pull all the hair into a tight ponytail in the center of their head.

3) Braid the ponytail

4) Wind the braided ponytail around the ponytail holder.

5) Secure with bobby pins

Similar to this

Make-up: Although stage makeup is always recommended for performing on stage, I completely leave that choice to each individual family.

Food:  There is a very strict "no food or drink" rule in the theater.  Please make sure that your child has already eaten and will not need snacks during the dress rehearsal.  If your child has a long wait in between numbers, she can bring a small, non messy snack to have the lobby.  Please have her bring a big shirt/coverup to put over her costume so she does not get it dirty from the snack. 

Performance: Sunday June 12th, 2022

Arrival Time for all Dancers: 9:45 am.

Doors open: 10:15am

Showtime: 10:30 am

*No parents will be allowed in the audience before the auditorium doors are open*

Show will run approximately 90 minutes with no intermission, followed by a Self-Defense and Tae Kwon Do demonstration. 

It is not recommended for under three years old. 

It is for women and girls only. 

Due to the sensitivities of different individuals in the program, we ask that even young boys not be in attendance at the performance.  We thank you for your cooperation.