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Fall 2023

La Zooz Fall Choir Project

We are so excited to be able to offer our 2nd ever Fall Choir Project to our students this Fall.  Run this session by the talented Mrs. Tova Davidson,  we welcome new and returning students to this part of our program for an exciting opportunity to build their musical skills and develop artistically while developing a high quality, professional music video to be distributed on our women's only page on our website.  

Fall Choir Project Flyer (4).jpg


  • Junior choir - 2nd and 4th graders on Thursdays 4:45-5:30pm.

  • Senior Choir - 5th-6th graders on Wednesdays 4:45-5:30pm.  

  • Middle School Choir on Wednesdays 7:45-8:30pm.

  • Save the date for our video shoot on Sunday January 7th in the afternoon.

  • Classes conveniently located in central Kemp Mill. 


  • One time yearly registration fee for all students, new and returning: $20 

  • $260 total, broken into 4 payments, at registration, November 1, December 1 and January 1.

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